Receiving Money

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Under cashbook their is a receipt form used to accept/receive money coming into the organization e.g customers paying for their dues.

Receipt Field Description

  • Cashbook Account – this is the cashbook receiving account.
  • Receipt Mode – is the mode of payment.
  • Voucher No – is the voucher payment number.
  • Receipt Date – is the date of receipt.
  • Department – is a department within the organization.
  • Description – is a description of the receipt.
  • Amount – is the receipt amount.

How to raise a receipt

  • Open the Receipt window.
  • Select the cashbook account.
  • Enter the Voucher No, Receipt Date & Department.
  • Pick the receipt category e.g customer which will then prompt you to fill customer details
  • Enter the receipt details (Description, Ledger Account, and Amount).
  • Save