Making Payment

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The payments and charges form is used to process all payments, charges or expenditures made. These could be payments to suppliers, customers or direct expenditures and remittances.


  • Open the Payment & Charges window
  • Select the cashbook account
  • Select the Payment Mode
  • Enter the Voucher/Ref No
  • Enter the Description of payment in the table's first column
  • Select the expense/GL account in the Ledger Account column
  • Select the VAT status in the VAT column
  • Enter the Amount in the last column
  • Save.

To view payment list, open the payment list window by clicking the List button in the Payment & Charges window.

How to search for a payment

  • Open the payment list window
  • Show All – select this option and click Find to view all payments.
  • Payment Category – select a payment category to view only payments of the selected category.
  • Search By Date – select this option if you want to include date filters in your search.
    • From - this is the first day of the search criteria.
    • Upto – this is the last day of the search criteria.
  • Find – the find button is used to initiate the search. The search result is displayed in the list table.