Workflow Approval

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All transactional documents support a workflow approval process where two or more users can certify and approve a document before it is fully approved.


  • Open the Workflow Setup window
  • Select the document you want to take through a workflow
  • Give the Workflow process an name/description
  • On the Nodes tab, specify the number of nodes required to approve this document
  • On the Transitions tab, specify which node forward to which next node
  • Then specify workflow admins
  • Save.

Now the document you specified will require workflow approval when a new entry is made.

How to approve through the workflow

  • Once a document is forwarded to you, you get a notice
  • Click on the notice count and it will give you a list of documents that need your attention
  • You can drill down to the respective document to view details
  • On the processing column pick appropriate action (Approve, or Reject)
  • Save to process your selected action.