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Anchor ERP by Netrix Business Systems

Anchor ERP is an enterprise resource planning system designed to optimize business operations. It accommodates among other areas; Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Human Resources, Assets, Project Management, and other ad hoc business processes that culminate into the core functioning of an ERP System.


Anchor ERP is a customizable ERP solution that adapts seamlessly to your existing workflows, enhancing data management, resource planning, and decision-making processes. It integrates all facets of your operation, from supply chain management to financials, helping you maintain control and increase efficiency across your organization. Anchor ERP system facilitates the flow of information between all business functions inside the organization's boundaries and outside stakeholders via SMS, email, payments, and other integrations. The following are why you should choose us as your ERP solution to your problem.

Complete Accounting

Anchor ERP automates the organization’s processes resulting in streamlined business processes and productivity, improved customer service, improved product and service costing, and tighter financial controls.

Realiable Support

Backed up by a team of professionals in various disciplines such as Finance, Computing and domain experts. This has allowed continued improvements on areas of needs as well as keeping up with the changes in technology.

International Standards

Our system has been developed, tested and commissioned by the best in the industry to accommodate among other areas; Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Human Resource, Assets etc.

Trusted by over 150 customers across the region from different industries.


Anchor ERP system has been designed to meet organizational objectives of improving operational efficiency and productivity of business processes; It allows automation of departmental processes, improvement in productivity and service delivery and tightening of financial controls.

Value addition to your organization

Anchor ERP does a complete automation to your organization's processes, resulting in streamlined businesses, enhanced productivity, tighter controls, and more.

Increased customer responsiveness

Value Addition

Achieve 3rd party integrations

Enhanced strategic decision making

Optimize workflows and approval processes

Improved data visibility

Full Health Care Package

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Our Team

Anchor ERP is a product of Netrix Business Systems. It is backed by a team of professionals in various fields including finance and accounting, computing, FMCG and sales among other industries.

Happy Clients

Embark on a journey of satisfaction and success with our delighted clients sharing their experiences.

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